Broadacre Small Farm International
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Small Farm

With the time, expertise and sacrifice required to run sheep on small blocks, it can be easier to have a company that has the all of these factors assist you in the issues involved in sheep management. Sheep management requires expertise, time and a commitment- there are also legal obligations and requirements.

We can do all of this for you!

Sheep Australia will purchase the sheep and manage them to the optimum level throughout the year, or manage your sheep for a fee; leaving you to enjoy your escape to the country knowing there are livestock on your property are always well managed and enjoying the knowledge they require no costs or contribution from you. We will even pay you a lease for the number of sheep we can run on the property!

Sheep Australia manages all of the following throughout the year:

  •  All management
  • Movement and care of livestock
  • The feeding program as required
  • Shearing, crutching and whatever other management is required
You can be in constant contact with us monitoring and managing livestock on your property and we are always available to answer any questions or provide assistance.
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