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Our Services

Sheep Australia presents two options for farmers to avoid the problems associated with mixed farming operations:

1. The first option is for the farmer to sell the livestock to Sheep Australia, who will lease the non-arable and pasture portion of the land off the farmer. Sheep Australia will manage the sheep operation on this land on an annual basis. Lease agreements are usually negotiated over several years. This allows for the release of some capital that is locked up in farming assets. Sheep Australia does the worrying!

2. The second is a fee-for-management service. For an annual fee, Sheep Australia will manage a livestock operation. This involves:

  • All management
  • Movement and care of livestock
  • The feeding program as required
  • Shearing, crutching and mulesing

Just sit back and watch your livestock operation working for you!

With both of these options, the sheep remain on the farmer’s property and in the system, but the compromises of time and management are overcome.

Acknowledging the importance of the relationship with the farmer, Sheep Australia will remain in constant contact; through both the area manager and managing director, to ensure successful outcomes for both parties.

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